Picker Place Ybor: An Amazing Vintage Market In Tampa Bay Neighborhood

Everybody likes having stuff. Whether it’s furniture, jewelry, or even just a silly old antique you found on the side of the road, it can be nice to have. Not all stuff is made equal however, and some things are valuable because of age or rarity. Thankfully for the people of the Tampa Bay area, there is a local place where they can find everything they ever wanted and more, at their local Pickers Place Ybor.

Located in the scenic Ybor City, for which the market is named after, the Picker Place Ybor is a vintage market that sells beautiful antiques found around the state. Open only twice a month to maintain their stock, the market contains over 10,000 sq ft of antiques to peruse and purchase. Every item the find is uniquely found by their team of pickers, who spend their time diligently looking for some of the best antiques money can buy. If you’re not looking to buy, and are in fact looking to unload some antiques you’ve recently found or acquired through some other means, their website has a way to notify them that you’re looking to sell them something. All you have to do is give them your name, some basic contact information, the location of the items you’re looking to sell, and a description of the antique you’re looking to sell them. If you’re looking to actually become a vendor, they have a similar form to fill out for that as well.

Conveniently located at 1402 East 2nd Avenue, the Picker Place Ybor vintage market is open every second and fourth week from 9am to 7pm, every Thursday through Sunday. There’s plenty of free parking for visitors looking to purchase some antiques, as well as wonderful eateries nearby in case you need some time to think about a purchase. In order to get updates and early previews of what they’re selling, follow them on Facebook where they post previews of what they’ll have every Wednesday.



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