Is Home Staging Worth The Hassle And Expense?

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We talk a lot about home staging, but is it actually worth the extra effort and expense? Home staging is when you prepare and decorate a home in order to try to help buyers see the potential in your home. A Tampa Bay home for sale is generally worth the home staging efforts and cost. It might seem like a waste, but staged homes in Tampa Bay sell faster and sell for a higher price tag too. Sellers recover their costs at closing.

Did you know that more than three out of four buyer’s agents say that when a seller stages the home it makes it easier for their clients to visualize the property as their future home? Staged homes sell on average 88 percent faster than non-staged homes. And they sell, on average, for a whopping 20 percent more than non-staged homes sell for.

The idea is to flatter the property and make it more appealing to more buyers. Skilled home staging professionals can even demonstrate a good use for oddly sized and shaped spaces. Home staging has grown significantly in the last couple of decades. Many years ago, you only needed to clean your home well and make needed repairs, but now, people have come to expect staged homes. This is especially true now that online marketing is so significant. It dominates the home searches and all that buyers see is video tours or photographs. So, staging can really help the buyer get a genuine feel for what it would be like for them to live there. To sell a home, it needs to look good online.

Home stagers can deliver a higher return on your real estate investment, which equates to an incredibly high return on the costs of home staging. It’s not just direct money in your pocket either. You can check out the staging savings calculator from the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA). It considers the time and money you will save taking into considerations the cost taxes, mortgage payments you will have to make, and other costs. Unstaged homes sit on the market for 143 days according to RESA’s “Consumers Guide to Real Estate Staging.” After staging, the homes sold in 40 days. But staging a home beforehand is even more important because people are cautious of homes that sit on the market for too long. Homes that were staged prior to being listed averaged a mere 23 days on the market.

Only 14 percent of realtors don’t feel that staging affects the home’s selling price. This could be the market they work in or the effect of other factors, but statistically, staging is incredibly beneficial to both the seller and the purchaser.


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