Making Sense of the Housing Maze

Sometimes, all the online info and media buzz about housing can leave you feeling confused and unsure.

Thinking about buying or selling? Knowing what’s really happening with mortgage rates, house availability, and prices is crucial. That’s where we come in – we’ll help you find the real answers you need.

We get it. Deciding on selling or waiting to sell your home is a big deal. Getting advice from someone you trust helps separate the facts from the noise, giving you the confidence to make the right choices. Your home’s value relies heavily on the current market conditions of your community AND Neighborhood; that and our years of experience helping buyers and sellers in our local area are what you need to be able to truly determine what the best price is for your home when it enters the market.

That’s where we come in.

Start with a FREE Home Valuation on your home and we will tell you exactly what is going on in your neighborhood and your local real estate market. It’s what we do.

A CMA includes information like:

  • Comparative Properties that have sold and closed within the last 6 months
  • Comparative Active listings – properties currently for sale
  • Comparative Pending sales – listings that have sold but not yet closed
  • Comparative Expired listings – properties that did not sell during the listing period
  • A detailed report on your Home and the estimate of its value based on today’s market

To get a full CMA on your home for FREE – simply fill out the form below with as many details on your home as you can provide and we will get yours to you within 24 hours or less!