How to Stage a Small Vignette When You’re Selling Your Home

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How to Stage a Small Vignette When You're Selling Your Home

Staging your home is incredibly important – any real estate agent can tell you that. However, there are little tips and tricks professional stagers use that pack a powerful style punch, and one of them is the vignette.

Here’s how you can create your own.

How to Stage a Small Vignette When You’re Selling Your Home

A vignette is a tiny area that draws the eye and attracts attention. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top; it can be a subtle style statement that prospective buyers will admire. To create your own:

  • Pick a small space
  • Use just a few colors
  • Show off a collection or group

#1. Pick a small space

You don’t have to go overboard decorating an entire room. Pick a small space, like a console table or other surface, to start with. Working in a small space has a few advantages, but the biggest is that you can make a major impact with very little time and money invested in it.

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#2. Use just a few colors

Scope out your room’s color palette. Stick with those colors and pick one object that creates contrast. You might choose a collection of jars or vases that match your room and then put a blast of vibrant, colorful flowers in one, for example.

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#3. Show off a collection or group

If you have a collection – one that isn’t eccentric, that is – you can show it off. You may choose to put sports cards or photos in frames, beach-themed items on trays, or antique books between bookends.

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