How To Spruce Up Your Bathroom For A Quicker Sale

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Though you might assume a full bathroom remodel will make your home sell faster, it’s not necessarily true. That is an expensive and time consuming project that may not even pay for itself in value at the time of the sale. So, it’s important to know which projects will bring you a return on your investment. Relatively inexpensive changes can help sell the house and bring you a return on your investment.

Preparing A Bathroom For A Home Sale

Obviously, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way in any room. In a bathroom, it can work wonders. Choose neutral, lighter colors that will help make the bathroom appear larger and cleaner. Check out the fixtures on the shower, the tub and the sink. Even the cleanest bathrooms have have dulled fixtures that might make a home buyer think less favorably of your home in general. New stainless steal fixtures everywhere is a good idea. Make sure that you also replace the tissue holders and towel rods to match the new fixtures.

Look down at the floors. You probably don’t take a daily inventory of the condition of your grout. If the grout is dingy, replace the grout. Tile is made to last, so often the tile is in perfect shape and new grout will make the entire floor look fresh and new. If you don’t have tile, but actually have linoleum, consider replacing it. Scratched or out-of-date linoleum can bring down home buyers’ opinions of your home. Is there carpet in your bathroom? That’s not a favorable flooring option for a bathroom. While it’s warm on the toes, it harbors mold and bacteria. It’s probably a good idea to replace it with something water resistant like linoleum or a water-resistant Pergo.

Lastly, keep it clean! Make sure you don’t have all of your toiletries on the counter. Remove important or private items from the medicine cabinet, because people really will open them while looking through your house. If your bathmats aren’t in tip top shape, replace them!


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