How to Make Prospective Buyers Fall in Love With Your Home

How to Make Prospective Buyers Fall in Love With Your HomeIf you’ve put your house or apartment up for sale and are waiting for the showings to start then it’s time to make sure your home is ready to shine. This is the time to put away sentimental feelings and showcase your home to potential buyers in every way to make viewers fall in love with it. Here are some simple tricks to help you make prospective buyers fall in love with your home:

Let in the Warmth & Sun

If the weather is at all chilly, put the heat on, and if it’s a winter’s day, make sure all rooms are thoroughly warmed through. Warmth is inviting and relaxing just what you want for your viewers. If you have a gas fireplace you may want to start a fire for the cozy crackle and glow. On a warm, summer’s day, create a deliciously cool sensation by opening the windows wide, and turn on overhead fans to keep the breeze circulating. Make sure your windows are kept sparking clean to show a beautiful view of your yard.

Fresh Smell

A fresh smell is as important as a comfortable temperature for winning over prospective buyers. It tells them that the property is clean, hygienic and well-maintained. You can convey these qualities by clearing clutter, cleaning windows and ventilating your rooms. Vases of cut flowers will enhance the effect with their natural perfume. Set a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen table and a bunch of grapes in your dining room or study for more wholesome freshness. If you have pets be sure to thoroughly clean all areas your pet frequents and remove all visible traces of them. Spray each room with Febreeze and sprinkle baking soda on carpets before you vacuum.

Clear the Clutter

House-hunters are normally in search of a new home for themselves, so make sure your home isn’t full of family memorabilia but allows the potential buyers to imagine themselves in the space. If you’ve received any picture postcards or greetings cards recently, pack them away and make sure walls and surfaces are free of clutter and personal items. Clean the fridge of magnets and papers in the kitchen, and put away things that make the home seem foreign and invasive, such as family photos and children’s toys. Now is the time to let go of the sentimental and open the possibilities up to a new family. A dreamy fragrance of homemade bread, cookies or candies may win you a same-day offer on the property.

Keep it Organized

Potential buyers walking through your home will be looking in closets and drawers to see how much space is available for their things. Make sure you organize your closets and pack away things that aren’t needed. Now is a good time to get a storage unit so you can move extra items that aren’t needed into storage and showcase your homes storage areas. Clear closet floors of junk and make sure shelves are neatly stacked and organized with boxes and baskets.

Make it Welcoming

A Welcome mat at your front door is an excellent way to make buyers feel comfortable when entering your home. Make sure to turn on lights and lamps throughout the house so your home is well lit and no one is left searching for the light switch. Fresh cut flowers in strategic places will bring a pop of color to rooms and a fresh smell. You can also lay out bottles of water and pre-packaged snacks with a note to help themselves as an added touch.

Curb Appeal

The outside of your homes is the first impression potential buyers will see. Make sure to sweep the porch and clean up any clutter lying around. Keep your grass cut neatly and trim any hedges or bushes around your house. If flowers are in season then plant some along your walkway or buy planters or hanging baskets and place them strategically around the front of the house to boost curb appeal.

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