Five Home Improvement Projects Under $100

You want to add some pizzazz to your house, but cash flow is a problem, or you’re trying to make eye-catching but inexpensive improvements while your home is on the market for a better chance of it selling. While most home projects costs thousands of dollars (such as new cabinets, new floors) – there are some very snazzy things you can do with your house to give it a fresh, updated look for under one hundred dollars! If you took on a couple projects a month, it still wouldn’t break the bank but would add serious charm to your house.

Five Home Improvements Under $100

  • Paint the door a bright color
  • Install a beautiful ceiling fan or ceiling light
  • Paint old kitchen cabinets
  • Install a new showerhead and shower curtain
  • Build shelving for laundry rooms

Paint your door a whimsical shade of yellow or bright red for a fresh look, and make sure to paint the trim bright white so the door really pops. You can add a simple grapevine wreath for a classic look, no matter the season.

Have a dark or airless room? A large ceiling fan with bright lights might be just what is needed to get things glowing and moving. Add a fancy fan string pull that matches the décor of the room for extra flair.

Replacing old wooden or mock-wood kitchen cabinets could cost thousands of dollars, or you could simply paint them as a means to modernize and brighten your outdated kitchen. Popular colors are white, cream, and yellow right now. You can also add new knobs and drawer pulls for a small amount of money. This is a bit of work, but could seriously change the look of your home.

Nothing is worse than an old, outdated, grungy showerhead and faded shower curtain. Replace them with a big bold showerhead and a curtain that is a statement piece – either in design or color. It will give your whole bathroom a completely new look!

You don’t have to be a carpenter to build some simple shelving for your laundry room in order to get things organized. Watch some YouTube videos and grab some wood and brackets at your local home improvement store and you are in business! It’s up to you how big or wide they are – do you want them to store detergents and cleaners or actual laundry baskets? You can paint the wood or stain in for a quaint, country look.

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