Entry-Level Homes With Solar Panels Sell For Much More Than Predicted

We all know that Florida has outstanding potential for solar panels.  Plenty of people from the North come down here pale as ghosts and return home from their vacations with rich tans. We have ample sun exposure for the entire year. Yet, Florida homes with solar power are a rarity. Listen, here’s the the deal. The young generation, now first time home buyers, demand solar panels on their homes in such a way that the real estate market can’t keep up.

New research shows that entry-level listings that include the words “solar panels” sell for up to 40 percent more than realtors predict. That’s kind of a big deal. Do you own a home that would be perfect for a young, first time home buyer? You might consider investing in solar panels now, even if you don’t plan to sell for a couple of years. See, right now, there’s still a 30 percent federal tax credit on solar panels. So, if you decide to put up solar panels on your roof, you’ll get almost a third of your cost back come tax time next year.

Plus, in Florida, if you generate more solar energy than you use, they have to pay you for the excess when you’re grid tied. If you plan to sell and want a huge advantage over the other homes that will be on the market, it’s something to think about. No amount of home staging can bring in that kind of extra money on the sale of your home.

Look, whether you like them or not, the millennial generation loves solar panels. And this generation? They’re the largest consumer group in all of U.S. history. They are shaping the real estate arena and changing the amenities we’ve previously seen as important. There’s plenty of readily developable land in Central Florida, but as baby boomers transition out of primary residences, Tampa Bay area homes could meet the demand of our area young adults fairly easily if we pay attention to the demands for green amenities like solar panels.

It might be worth thinking about.


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