Don’t Procrastinate (And 3 Other Moving Mistakes to Avoid)

Published On: May 16, 2016|Categories: Blog, Moving, Moving & Packing|
huge packing mistakes to avoid when you move tampa bay homes for sale

Do we need to explain why this is a packing mistake?

No matter how excited you are to find and purchase a new home in Tampa Bay, it’s very unlikely that you’re looking forward to the process of moving. Moving is among the most stressful things you’ll experience in your life, so it’s only natural to put off getting started.


The longer you wait to start packing for a move, the more chaotic it’s likely to be—and the more likely you are to break or lose some of your belongings. If you put off your packing or try to take shortcuts, you’ll make your move more stressful, not easier. Start packing as early as possible; and avoid these other common moving mistakes as well.

Not Using Enough Padding is a Huge Packing Mistake

Wrap your dishes, glasses and other breakables individually, using plenty of newsprint, bubble wrap or towels. Make sure to fill boxes completely, stuffing padding in as necessary to prevent items from shifting around inside.

Not Labeling Your Boxes is ALSO a Huge Packing Mistake

A detailed list of each box’s contents should follow its destination, clearly marked on the outside. This will help when you inevitably need one particular item before you’ve unpacked everything. It may be easiest to use large self-stick labels and attach them in the same place on each box.

Not Keeping Essential Items Handy… Yes, It’s Another Packing Mistake

If there’s one sure thing about moving, it’s that nothing is a sure thing. Your truck may be delayed or some of your belongings misplaced. Pack your daily essentials—enough for several days—and keep them with you when you move. Toiletries, a few changes of clothes, dish soap and a few cooking and eating utensils are a good place to start.

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