Digital Marketing: 3 Ways to Maximize Engagement on Twitter

3 Ways to Maximize Engagement on TwitterMost brands realise the importance of a robust digital marketing strategy, but deciding where to focus your attention can always be a challenge. Twitter is one platform that is suitable for the majority of brands. Here are 3 tips to help you maximize engagement for your brand on the social media site.

1. Develop a schedule and be consistent

Consistency is crucial for success on social media; this guideline is especially true on Twitter. Therefore, it’s vital to develop a manageable schedule for your content that you can realistically stick to. For example, you may wish to post up to 20 updates a day on the platform, but that is a hard schedule to stick to unless you are a big brand.

It may make more sense to aim to post updates three to five times a day and build from there. After all, you want to post a consistent amount, so your audience gets used to what to expect from you. Posting on Twitter daily is a good starting point, and you can always increase your activity once you feel more comfortable.

2. Limit your promotional tweeting

There is always a temptation for brands to focus on the sales side of their business when using social media. However, success on a platform such as Twitter doesn’t usually lie with a direct sales approach. Of course, this is mainly because promotional updates don’t often lead to high engagement levels.

The first challenge is to drive engagement of your brand and only then will you see results from promotional content. Most content on Twitter should focus on what your audience likes related to your brand. It will take a combination of audience research and trial and error to find the right approach.

3. Remember Twitter is a conversational platform

Although there are significant similarities with each social media network, there are also differences as well. When it comes to Twitter, it’s the conversational element that makes it different from other sites. So, when you’re crafting your tweets, you should always be thinking in terms of engaging conversation and debate.

There are a range of different ways you can do this from the images you choose to the way you write. Overall though, you want to make it as easy as possible for your audience to engage with you. For example, you can encourage likes or retweets to support a specific viewpoint, and by asking questions or even by being controversial at times. Above all, think of ways you can get your audience talking.

While most brands realise the importance of digital marketing, developing a robust strategy and knowing which social media platforms to focus on can be a challenge. Remember to maximise engagement on Twitter, you should develop a schedule and be consistent, limit your promotional tweeting and remember Twitter is a conversational platform.

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