Coronavirus Fatigue? Under Shelter In Place? Get Organized!

Coronavirus Fatigue Under Shelter In Place Get OrganizedIf you’re sheltered in place, fight Coronavirus Fatigue & boredom with a useful activity. Get organized! Tackle a few common issues that affect most households. Less stress and better focus are your rewards. Worrying about COVID-19 won’t change your future. But, being a person of order can propel you forward.

1. Prioritize bills

How much do you owe? Pull out all of your bills and stack them from lowest to highest. Then, list them out on paper and calculate the final number. This process provides a platform for action. The next step is figuring out what debt reduction format to follow.  A popular one is the Dave Ramsey Plan. It offers seven common-sense steps toward financial freedom.

2. Organize the garage

Turn this activity into a family affair. Set a specific time during the day for everyone to meet in the garage. Then assign each person a corner to clean. This scenario keeps everyone busy and sparks up a fun nostalgic conversation.

3. Clean out the refrigerator

When untidy, this appliance breeds harmful bacteria like salmonella and listeria. The source is leftovers. Yes! The container of (you fill in the blank) that’s been sitting in the back of the refrigerator for two weeks. Toss out decaying leftovers and place the remaining food on a counter. Next, wipe the interior with a disinfectant or mixture of water and vinegar.

4. Set aside donatable clothes

This undertaking forces you to organize your closet. Begin by pulling out clothes that fall under two categories: two small and not worn in over six months. Place them in a bag. Then, rehang the remaining items in your closet by outfits or type (shirts, pants, etc.).  Afterward, contact your favorite charity and get the details on how they accept clothing donations.

5. Recycle outdated computers

How many computers do you own? Don’t let dust collect on any of them. Donate the out-dated ones to Goodwill. This charitable agency has a deal with Dell computers. This company refurbishes used computers and resells them to schools or low-income families at an affordable price.

6. Go through the junk drawer

In a lot of ways, the junk drawer is similar to a trash can. It’s accessible to everyone. And, you can find anything inside from crumpled receipts to half-eaten gum. Yet, even a junk drawer deserves respect. Rummage through yours and get rid of random, useless items. Only keep what makes sense. According to home expert Bob Vila, the following are six essentials for a junk drawer: screwdriver, super glue, battery tester, linter roller, box cutter, flashlight.

7. Design the next five years of your life

Want to change your life? Draw up a plan. Successful people set goals and write them down. A study conducted by Dr. Gail Matthews with Dominican University in California showed the latter increases your chance of fulfilling a goal by 42 percent. So, prepare for the next five years. Write out the life you desire.

Using this valuable time we have right now to get organized can help quell the corona fatigue and get you motivated to get some projects done you have procrastinated on. The above suggestions are starting points.  Add to them if necessary. In the meanwhile, during this pandemic, be courageous. Focus your energy on things that promote peace and safety.

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