5 Tips for Staging a Condominium

5 Tips for Staging a CondominiumStaging a condominium in preparation for putting it on the market is similar to staging a house. However, there are particular considerations to keep in mind when staging a condo. The chief concern is space. If your condo is small, your challenge is doing everything possible to create a sense of spaciousness.

Here are five key recommendations for staging a condominium.

1. De-clutter aggressively

Even if you think you have very little furniture, it’s probably too much. So remove all but the essential pieces. Then group the living room furniture to best advantage (which is probably not the way you had it). If you aren’t sure how to do that, consult a professional.

2. Clear the counters

With the exception of a vase containing cut flowers, the kitchen and bathroom counters should be completely clear. This creates the illusion of space and allows prospective buyers to see the color scheme of each room clearly. So every morning you’ll need to pack the items that you use in your daily routines into boxes and hide them under a bed or deep in a closet.

3. Enhance the lighting

Appropriate lighting is essential to show your condo properly. There should be at least two sources of lighting in each room, and the overall result should be that every part of the room is bathed in light. Add extra fixtures, if necessary – try ambient, accent, or task lights.

4. Clean and clean again

As the condominium space is relatively small compared to a house, potential buyers may spend a lot of time looking over a small number of square feet. That’s why it’s important that every inch is perfectly clean. Hire professionals if you don’t have the time or the inclination to do it yourself.

5. Ensure the walls are painted a warm, neutral color

This is non-negotiable. If your walls are currently a bright or dark color, they must be repainted. Tans or off-whites work well. This is a key technique for creating a sense of spaciousness.

These recommendations do involve spending money. Unfortunately, that money will not necessarily be recouped in the form of a higher selling price than you otherwise could have expected. What the staging is designed to do is to reduce the amount of time your condo sits on the market.


Staging a condominium is a challenge. The relatively small square footage can discourage potential buyers. Following these recommendations will help to impress those buyers by displaying the architectural strength of the space and its many possibilities.

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